Ensuring Product Freshness and Authenticity: A Quick Guide

Ensuring Product Freshness and Authenticity: A Quick Guide

It`s pretty safe to say that online shopping has made our lives much easier. We can order everything from clothes, books, groceries, and even our skincare right from the comfort of our couch. But have you ever stopped to think about the authenticity of the products you`re receiving? It`s something you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to purchasing skincare products both online and in-store. 

Why? Well, if you aren`t purchasing your skincare products from a trusted, authorized retailer, you might not be getting exactly what you paid for. Some of these products could be what`s known as `diverted products.` Here`s why that could be a problem for you:

The Risks of Purchasing Diverted Products

If you aren`t familiar with diverted products, you may be unaware just how much of an issue they pose for you as a consumer. It also poses a huge problem for brands because they don`t want their reputation being tarnished by any diverted products being sold with their name. In some cases, diverted products being sold by unauthorized retailers may be counterfeit. Even if the packaging and everything seems legitimate, you`d be smart to pass. If you aren`t buying from an authorized retailer, there`s a high likelihood that you could be receiving a fake product.

Many unauthorized retailers are found to be selling old or expired products. Keep in mind that skincare products do have expiration dates. When you`re spending top-dollar on your skincare, you want to make sure you`re getting the best, not something that`s out-of-date. When you order online or purchase at stores who aren`t authorized to be selling the brand, there`s no telling how long a particular product has been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust. However, when you order from authorized retailers, you can feel confident you`re getting something that`s new, unopened, and real.

It`s pretty scary to think that some diverted products have actually been opened and tampered with. Many have been found to be diluted by being `watered down,` meaning you aren`t getting the quality product you had hoped for. Sometimes these products have had unknown substances added to them, which could be putting you at harm. There`s no telling whether or not products being sold by an unauthorized retailer are safe to use, so it`s best to say no.